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The Security Management Studentenplatform (SMSP) has been founded to support the motivated student in becoming a young professional. The association provides a helping hand in building up a professional network and organizes workshops and readings in addition to the regular course curriculum.

By organizing presentation- and communication training, work field related workshops, Masterclasses, visits and readings SMSP aims to enable their members to get to know the Security Management branch and enlarge their network in the process.

We are proud to announce that every SMSP-member, that is also an ASIS International member automatically becomes a member of the ASIS Benelux chapter.

The Security Management-course is part of Saxion University of Applied Sciences. During the first year there was a wish amongst the new students for additional activities above of what Saxion offers. Most of the teachers emphasize the importance of a professional attitude and building up a sustainable network. Visiting symposia and exhibitions is a great way to do this but not always accessible, either because of financial reasons or because such events are not open for everyone. The founders of SMSP thought this was a good reason to create an association where motivated students could find their place.

In the work field of Security Management a popular saying is that your smart phone, more specifically your list of contacts, is the most important tool you have. SMSP aims to enlarge their members list of contacts from the very beginning of their study time. A membership of the Studentenplatform enables them to visit meetings from professional organizations like ASIS and IFPO. This provides the student with excellent opportunities to meet people from the work field.

Our main focus lies on supporting the process of our members’ professionalization. Our experience teaches us that without an association students know how to find their way to the pub so that is not something the platform needs to support. Despite this we also organize informal activities and meetings as we think a good social atmosphere in and around school is an important precondition. These social evenings are also good moments to do some team building.

In addition SMSP participates in the introduction activities for the brand new freshmen’s at the start of the year. This is a very important event in which the new students gets to know the university, their fellow students and the city of Apeldoorn. The platform also uses this moment to introduce them to the importance of working on your professionalization and how SMSP can provide a helping hand in getting there.

Any questions, remarks or suggestions? Let us know, please contact r.bruil@securitystudenten.nl.